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If the IT Helpdesk have directed you to (this site), please click this link - .
It will download the software – in Google Chrome this appears at the bottom of the browser.

If any security prompts appear then click the appropriate option to allow the software to install.
Once installed, read out the ID and password on your screen when asked for by the IT Helpdesk engineer.



The TeamViewer software will allow you to connect with people both internal and external to the company.

TeamViewer allows you to –

  Receive IT Remote Support

  Share your desktop with other participants of a meeting.

  View other people’s desktops

  Take control of another person’s desktop (if allowed to do so).

  Instant message participants of a meeting

Click the relevant link to download TeamViewer:






The download may appear at the bottom of your browser. Run the install file.






After running the install file, it may take some time for the next window to appear.


Ensure “Basic Installation” and “Personal / Non-commercial use” are selected.


Click “Yes” on any security prompts.



Once installed, TeamViewer can be re-opened in future via the Start Menu All Programs.



There are a 3 ways to join a TeamViewer meeting –



Clicking and entering the Meeting ID of the TeamViewer session.


Clicking a link in an Outlook Invite or e-mail from the organiser.



You may see a prompt in your internet browser asking if you wish to launch the TeamViewer application – click the appropriate button to allow it to run.



A “light” TeamViewer client will automatically download. Run this application and click “Yes” to any security prompts.


It will automatically join you into the meeting.



Opening TeamViewer and typing the Meeting ID (similar to Option 1).




Ensure you have installed TeamViewer (see above).


There are two accounts that you can use to log into TeamViewer and arrange a meeting.
Two accounts were purchased in order to allow up to two TeamViewer sessions to be hosted simultaneously.


Account 1


Account 2


Please ask UK IT Services Helpdesk for passwords.


With TeamViewer open, sign in on the right hand pane using one of the TeamViewer accounts.


Click “My Meetings” to check if there is an available time slot.


If a slot isn’t available. Click the “Bloomsbury Publishing” heading in the right hand pane and “Sign Out”.


Login to the other account to see if that there is availability.


If there is availability. Click “New Meeting”. Please include your name in the Subject so other people are aware who is hosting the session.

You can also set an optional password to stop unwanted people entering your meeting.


Clicking “Configure Conference Call” and selecting “Use custom conference data for audio” lets you add in dial-in details that are included in the Outlook invite.


Click “Save” when you are ready.

An Outlook invite will be automatically be opened with the meeting link and conference call details (if provided).

To start the meeting as a host. Enter “My Meetings” via TeamViewer and click “Start”.


Participants will then join the meeting.


Please do not hesitate to contact Bloomsbury IT Services Helpdesk on +44(0)2076315888 or if you have any issues or questions.